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Company History

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Big Boss Corporation Ltd. factory was established in 1998 comprising only two lines located at Middle Badda, Gulshan, Dhaka.  APTECH GROUP owned this factory in 2010 and rearranged the factory for producing 100% export oriented finest quality Woven garments in order to make shipment “On Time.”  Due to increasing demand from valued buyers of Australia and Europe, the factory was expanded from 2 lines to 7 lines, maintained ethical compliance, BSCI audited and improved. 

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In order to achieve sustainable safe and healthy environment for Big Boss factory, Aptech Group built own compliant factory to accommodate spacious 42 lines with comprehensive facilities including washing plant, WTP, ETP, and STP  at “Aptech Industrial Park” in Gazipur which is 33 KM from Dhaka international airport / 4.5 KM from Shavar EPZ where Big Boss factory has been shifted.  The first phase of the factory started production since 10th July 2017 with inaugural ceremony has proven a significant achievement of Aptech Group. Balance lines shall be operational gradually.  The Management committed to fulfill CSR.

The mission and vision of this company is right on time delivery, maintaining high standard quality products as per specification, achieving trust-worthiness, and maintaining sustainable long term business relationship have made Big Boss Corp. Ltd. a successful business partner with world’s  leading and prestigious buyers of Australia and Europe.

Under the guidance of Begum Shamima Yasmin, Chairman, and Syed Rezaul Hossain Kazi (Reza), Managing Director of APTECH Group, this factory is flourishing, generated employment opportunities, and supporting Bangladesh’s economy with regular Export.


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The company is involved in manufacturing different types of woven garments for men, women and kids.


Product Detail

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Particulars New Factory
Production Line 42 Lines
Production Capacity 105,000 pcs/day
Total no. of Machinery 1,080 sets
Factory Space 411,224 sft.
No. of Employee 6,258 persons
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