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Garments industry in Bangladesh has increased substantially. Simultaneously, Safety & Quality standard have not been developed in the same ratio.  In coordination with BSCI, Buyers’ Code of Conduct, and Accord safety compliance, APTECH GROUP is now in forefront of Safety & Quality.  The APTECH GROUP is always optimistic and determined to fulfill Safety & quality standard which were in fact gradually increasing from the inception of factory establishment and now updated at all factories including sub-contractors, suppliers as well.
Our Commitments to our valued customers and all the related entity & person are as follows:

  • Maintaining the highest achievable quality possible.
  • The most competitive pricing in the world market.
  • Shortest lead-time with on time delivery.
  • The best environment for ethical standard in accordance with world compliance standards.
  • Ensure structural, electrical, & fire safety for workers and overall factories.

Objectives of this policy are:

  • To understand customer’s perspective of quality.
  • To provide better quality of products and services with reduced or same price.
  • To provide good and safe working environment to the workers which includes human value, respect, justice, cleanliness, discipline and equality between workers and others.
  • To implement quality control system with the aim to achieve zero defect level through efficient management, research, development and continuous improvement.

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