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APTECHDESIGNS LTD. was established in 1999 initially as garments Buying House/Agent by Syed Rezaul Hossain Kazi (Mr. Reza) who gained enormous knowledge and experience from his highly responsible professional career in the field of Fashion Designs and Garments Industries commencing from 1989. The main products of APTECH are 100% export oriented Woven garments of unique quality. A team of highly trained and professional personnel are led by Mr. Reza to meet the requirement. Strong merchandising, Quality Control team, and R & D department are active to ensure finest quality of garments. APTECH follows Safety Policies and fully committed to international rules & regulation of social compliance.


From the outset, APTECH achieved trust-worthy and highly satisfied relationship with the valued Buyers due to the priority given to the interest of clients and fulfilling requirement on time. Within a couple of years with dedicated business policy, APTECH was successful in drawing attention of leading buyers of Europe& Australia. With the support of Sub-contract factories, initially APTECH used to execute & export Woven garments. Day by day, name & fame increased despite some difficulties faced due to dependence on sub-contract factories.


In 2010 APTECH acquired a factory named BIG BOSS CORPORATION LTD. of only 2 lines to ensure highest quality and timely shipment to valued customers. Due to increasing demand, the factory was expanded three times and well organized, BSCI & ISO 9001:2008 certified. Then APTECH established second factory named SHANILA FASHION LTD. achieved BSCI certification, Accord Approval with outstanding reputation and congratulations from home and abroad that was published in the local media as well. Both factories are running smoothly. APTECH is going to materialize a dream of large compliance factory at own land very soon. At this stage we introduce APTECH as APTECH GROUP as it included more facilities and factories.


As principle, APTECH deals with mutual trust, understanding and with a goal of long term business relationship that helps us to increase our business rapidly. The dedicated team of APTECH always complies with the Buyer’s requirements and thus APTECH gains buyers’ confidence & reliability.

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