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Aptech Caswier Ltd, a suits factory under Aptech Group, is located in the Aptech Industrial Park, 33km away from Dhaka International Airport.

Factory building is Accord certified in category Green, and company has a valid BSCI and SMETA certifications.

Suits factory is a brand new building with five-story high. Ground floor is fabric/trim warehouse and cutting; 1st floor is the hanging warehouse for the finished garments; 3rd floor is the bulk press; 4th floor is the suits blazers sewing lines; and 5th floor is suits trousers sewing lines. Total production space is 25000 square meters. In addition, extra land has been reserved for future expanding.

Suits factory currently has four blazer lines and three trousers lines with a designed annual capacity of 750000 suits, aiming to reach 500000 suits in twelve months.

Each blazer line has 135 working stations and each trousers line has 63 working stations, with total local workers of 910 persons.

We also have our Chinese suits manufacturing factory in Shanghai, China, and sell our Chinese suits to various clients, including major importers, department stores, and chain stores in EU, Canada, and UK. In order to maintain a satisfactory quality level in this Bangladesh suits factory, there are 32 Chinese technicians permanently working at the Bangladesh suits factory.

Our Bangladesh suits factory is flexible with either fully constructed or de-constructed workmanship. To commit a timely delivery with a constant quality level is our aim.

Yours Sincerely

Chen Song
Bangladesh Suits Factory
Mobile: +88 01700798342
Email: chensong88@gmail.com
Website: https://www.aptechdesignsltd.com/aptech-industrial-park/


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